PLANT-Based Essentials is an essential oil company specializing in 100% organic, vegan, and non-GMO essential oil blends.

The story behind PLANT-Based Essentials. Founded in 2017 by Jennifer B. Niles, PLANT-Based Essentials was created out love, passion, and sheer necessity. Jennifer first developed her admiration for the healing power of plants when she was 100-pounds overweight. As a last resort before undergoing weight loss surgery, she turned to a plant-based diet and yoga for help.

After transitioning to a natural diet and lifestyle, the weight miraculously melted off. Jennifer began to look at plants, fruit, and vegetables in a very different way. No longer the dreaded side-dish, plants became her passion. You can learn more about Jennifer’s weight loss transformation here.

The world of essential oils first opened up to her in her early 30’s, when Jennifer became fed up with the unsightly facial moles that she’d had since childhood. With no dermatologist on the small South Pacific island she lived on, she began to research safe, natural alternatives to mole removal surgery.

Within three weeks of her experimental treatment with GROWTH-BE-GONE, her facial moles were completely gone.


With hew new mole-free face, Jennifer was encouraged to take her organic transformation a step further. She was determined to tackle the issue of her unhealthy hair. Due to decades of heat and chemical abuse, she suffered from never-ending split ends and minimal growth. Finally making the decision to ditch all store-bought hair products – including shampoo and conditioner – she eagerly joined the no-poo movement.

(Fun fact: Did you know that women throughout history washed their hair on a once monthly basis, using only baking soda and vinegar? And not a coincidence, throughout history, women had effortlessly long, healthy, thick hair. It wasn’t until the 70’s, when detergent … oops, sorry, I mean shampoo … became mainstream, encouraging people to use it on a daily basis.)

After purchasing a huge box of baking soda and a large bottle of vinegar, Jennifer began the scary, yet cathartic, process of chopping off the years of damage. During the regrowth process, she once again turned to essential oils for help. She developed her own essential oil hair mask (RAPID GROWTH) and began applying it once a week. Since incorporating essential oils into her hair-care routine, her now thick, healthy mane has been steadily growing at the rapid rate of two inches every month.

What started out as a natural approach to beauty, soon evolved into much, much more.  Through months of research and experimentation, she learned that essential oils offer more than just beautifying benefits. They also possess miraculous healing properties.

When Prancer – Jennifer’s once terminally ill cat – came down with skin cancer, Jennifer once again turned to essential oils for help. With no veterinarian in the small South Pacific country she lived in, there was no other choice. Prancer and Jennifer had nothing to lose. And so the essential oil treatment began.

Within just hours of her first treatment, Prancer’s declining health began to rapidly turn around. After days spent sleeping and barely moving, Prancer began to eat and drink again. Her transformation continued from there. Over the course of the next month or so, Prancer went from dying to thriving. You can read more about Prancer’s miraculous story here.


As Prancer’s health radically improved and the skin cancer disappeared, Jennifer knew there was no turning back. Jennifer knew it was now part of her mission in life to make more people aware of the potent healing powers of essential oils.

And this is the story of how PLANT-Based Essentials was born.

Thank you so much for your interest in PLANT-Based Essentials. We are here to help, so never hesitate to send us a message if you have any questions.